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Please contact me for photography session bookings, photo and/or video coverage of private or public events, news tips or general inquiries.


Please contact me via my Facebook page by sending me a private message if you need contact information such as my email address or direct number.


4 thoughts on “Contact John Strangis

  1. Hi John,

    Any idea what was going on yesterday 6/29/17 in East Hemet?
    I was driving east on Mountain Avenue (Ramona Expwy) between Esplanade and Hemet St. around 3:30 pm when a westbound white compact came towards me momentarily in the eastbound lanes as it passed another westbound car in front of it. I continued on for a block’s distance and then, just east of Hemet St, a white sedan a few cars ahead made an abrupt U-turn and proceeded west. I looked back in my side-view mirror and saw the car then position itself so as to block the westbound lane at Hemet St.
    A few minutes later a helicopter was flying overhead in the East Hemet area.
    I haven’t seen anything about this in the media.
    My suspicion is there may have been a robbery at the strip mall on Florida & Ramona Expwy or some other incident and the suspect was fleeing. The driver of the unmarked white sedan may have been a cop and heard it on his radio and tried to establish a roadblock at Hemet St but the fleeing driver had already passed Hemet St a few seconds before.


  2. Hello John, I am the Manager of Engagement with Mova Law Group Personal Injury Attorneys and I am messaging you to see if you would be willing to write an upcoming article or guest post? We get several cases that are local to the Inland Empire area and believe that people should know their rights after being involved in an accident. You can reach me on facebook or through phone, I will leave my information below. Hope to hear from you soon.

    Joel Nevarez
    Direct (909)206-7004

    • Good morning Joel.

      Yes, I would be honored to contribute. It’s unusual I respond at this time due to my late night and morning work but I am available any time during the afternoon hours, after 4:00 pm would be best but I can do sooner if needed. I will give you a call this afternoon and leave you a voicemail if I was unable to reach you. Thank you for your consideration.

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