I’m a journalist/reporter, photojournalist, photographer and videographer who has contributed to publications that include Valley News, Riverside County News Source, The Valley Chronicle, Press Enterprise, newsgroups for Hemet and San Jacinto, CA and have fed footage to mainstream media for use in coverage  of newsworthy events as a freelancer working with the stringer organization, OnScene.

I write stories for my own website which include video reports; I have also hosted online cooking shows on my own youtube channel and have contributed to other online shows as well.

I have a degree in network engineering and have worked in information technology for ten years. Most of my other skills are self taught; including journalism, photography, culinary arts and videography. I am one of those people who are hungry for knowledge and believe that your work speaks more for your credibility than a piece of paper hanging from a wall. Some people call me a jack of all trades. In a way this is true; I am a jack of all trades but a master of none; for no matter how specialized one can be in a particular area; there is always more to learn.

Sure; choosing a specialization and acquiring a degree is a positive thing; but sometimes not the best. I discovered this working in information technology. I learned after many years that although my IT work was excellent; it was not something I loved. I now cultivate my passions and work on what I cherish and enjoy. I also have a unique life story. I turned around negative issues in my life into something positive, and this has given me the opportunity to help others; become a better man; and be a valuable asset within my community.

The stories I report on vary depending upon what I find interesting to write about; speak about on camera; or photograph. I specialize in crime reporting and showing the people the great work our law enforcement, fire and emergency responders do on a daily basis. In today’s world filled with public distrust in law enforcement; highlighting this issue is something I find to be of particular importance.

Copyright 2017, John Strangis


4 thoughts on “About

  1. This is amazing! Turning such hard overwhelming experiences into a positive out-reach for strangers new to this or any cause is so touching and needed! I am so proud when I know of such things happening! Thank you John. If I can ever help please let me know 😇😇🙏🙏🙏

    • I was raised Catholic but I do not follow Catholicism. If I would describe my religion it would be somewhat similar to modern Christianity. I do believe in a supreme being, but I have a relationship with Him myself.

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