Perris: Racing Suspected in Major Crash That Hospitalized Three

Badge_of_the_Riverside_County_Sheriff's_DepartmentBy Trevor Montgomery, Riverside County News Source

PERRIS — Three people were hospitalized after a speeding sports car plowed into a pickup truck with two people driving to work early Wednesday morning, Nov. 29.

The two-vehicle, major-injury collision happened at the intersection of Ramona Expressway and Evans Road in Perris.

According to family members of two of the injured victims, racing is suspected as a possible contributing factor in the crash that caused one of the victims to be ejected from a truck they were driving to work in.

Deputies from the Riverside County Sheriff’s Perris Station, Cal Fire/Riverside County firefighters and other emergency first responders were dispatched to the scene of the crash about 4:45 a.m., after multiple motorists and witnesses called 911 to report the collision.

When they arrived, officials found the mangled wrecks of two vehicles, described as a silver Chevy Camaro and a white, crew cab, pickup truck.

The force of the impact caused the entire engine and drive-train to detach from the truck and they were left in the middle of the intersection blocking lanes of traffic. Wheels, other vehicle parts and debris were strewn across the entire road, blocking Ramona Expressway.

Officials discovered three people injured in the collision, including two with major injuries from the truck and another with moderate to major injuries from the Camaro, and requested assistance from three American Medical Response ambulances.

All three victims were eventually transported by ground ambulances to local trauma centers.

As deputies investigated the cause of the collision and paramedics treated those injured in the crash, the destroyed truck sat along the curb of Ramona Expressway and the Camaro sat about forty feet away in a grassy area off the roadway.

The newer Camaro had paper dealership plates and bumper stickers that read, “My driving scares me too” and “Don’t follow me I do stupid sh-t.”

Both vehicles were later towed from the scene.

The other vehicle believed to have been racing the Camaro did not remain at the scene and was not immediately located.

Although none of the three victims has been publicly identified, Gracie Brown – who identified herself as the mother of one of the victims and aunt of one of the other victims – later explained her son and nephew were driving to work in the pickup truck when the accident happened.

“They were turning left onto Evans Road to pick up another gentleman who works with them,” Brown explained. “The Camaro and another vehicle were racing and ran the red light, smashing into the driver side of my nephew’s truck

Brown said the severity of the impact caused her son to be ejected from the truck through the driver’s side door.

According to Brown, both her son and nephew will be undergoing surgery for their injuries; however, both are expected to fully recover from their injuries.

No information was available regarding the condition of the driver of the Camaro and officials have not confirmed that racing is suspected as a cause of the collision.

During their investigation, officials diverted traffic away from the scene of the crash, to ensure the safety of officials at the scene.

It is unknown if alcohol or drug intoxication were contributing factors in the crash.

Officials are still investigating the cause of crash and have not released any information regarding their investigation, which is active and ongoing.

Anyone with information regarding this investigation or who witnessed the collision is encouraged to contact the Perris Police Station at (951) . Callers can remain anonymous. Citizens may also submit a tip using the Sheriff’s CrimeTips online form.


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