Hemet: Police Department Now Offering Expedited Concealed Carry Program

hpdHEMET – The Hemet city council approved a measure which will allow law abiding citizens to apply for a concealed carry firearms license and have the usual lengty process expedited through the Hemet Police Department.

In Riverside County, the only way to apply for a CCW (concealed carry weapon) permit was through the Sheriff’s Department, which usually meant a long wait period due to insufficient staffing required to handle the high volume of applications.

Riverside County Sheriff’s Department has been aware of the issue and has been working hard to schedule initial appointments for CCW applicants as soon as possible.

Other cities in the county have been considering measures to allow those interested in obtaining a CCW to apply via their local police department. Hemet is moving in the direction of Murrieta, Beumont and Banning that already have a program of their own in place.

On Tuesday, October 24, 2017 Hemet Police Chief David Brown presented to the city council an Expedited Concealed Weapon License program for review. The program will “go live” on October 25th and will allow city residents to have access to an expedited process to obtain a concealed carry weapon license.

To allow citizens to obtain a CCW in a time frame of only 3-4 months, the Hemet Police Department will be will be partnering with a private company, MyCCW.us.

“We want to ensure that Hemet residents have access to a fair and timely process to obtain a permit to carry a concealed weapon,” said Hemet Police Chief Dave Brown.

The Hemet Police Department Expedited Carry Concealed License Program is available to Hemet residents over the age of 21. More information on this program is available at MyCCW.us. You can also visit the Hemet Police Department website at www.cityofhemet.org/departments/police.

The hard work of the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department and more cities in the county like Hemet and Murrieta passing their own ordinances will make being issued a CCW  an easier and faster process for law abiding citizens who wish to carry a firearm for self defense.

Below is the full press release from Hemet Police Department regarding the new expedited CCW program.

CCW hemet pd




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