West Covina: Assault with Deadly Weapon Suspect Arrested After Pursuit

CHP_Door_InsigniaWEST COVINA – On 10-19-2017 at 6:20 a.m., a suspect wanted for assault with a deadly weapon was taken into custody after a pursuit that began in Indio hours prior ended with a pit maneuver, crash and standoff in the 1600 block of west Cameron Avenue.

Unofficial sources suggest that the suspect attempted to run over at least one victim, a security guard, before leading CHP officers on a pursuit. The circumstances behind the assault are unknown at this time.

The subject, who was driving a red pickup truck, continued westbound at high speeds on the I-10 westbound from Indio with CHP following but eventually was forced to exit the freeway in West Covina due to construction.

The chase continued on city streets until it came to an end following a pit maneuver in the 1600 block of West Cameron Ave, in the city of West Covina.

The suspect refused or was unable to exit the vehicle after the crash, that left the pickup on it’s side.

Officers ordered the suspect out multiple times, even firing non lethal rounds at his vehicle in an attempt to get the man to surrender.

Eventually, after a standoff lasting at least a few hours, officers from CHP and West Covina PD, forcibly removed the suspect from the pickup truck.

The suspect was taken into custody and later transported to a local hospital for treatment due to being injured in the crash and suffering wounds from a police K9.

The incident came to an end close to 6:30 a.m. after hours since it began in Indio. This is an ongoing investigation and more information will be released when available.


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