Shooting Victim Crashes Into Parked Fedex Truck

hpdApril 08, 2017, at approximately, 11:26 pm, a man crashed a pickup truck into a parked FedEx vehicle after he was shot late Saturday evening. The shooting and traffic collision occurred in the 2200 block of W. Acacia Avenue in front of the Via Del Sol apartment complex.

City of Hemet Police and Fire personnel rushed to the scene of the shooting and accident about 11:30 p.m., after several people called 911 to report hearing shots fired in the area.

Subsequent callers reported to emergency dispatchers that a pickup truck had just crashed into a parked vehicle in the same area where the shots had been heard. Police officials quickly arrived in the area and located a white truck that had crashed into a parked FedEx truck on W. Acacia Avenue.

Officers determined the driver, 55 year old Bruce Baily, had been shot as a result of a civil dispute in the block on 2700 W Acacia Ave and had crashed his pickup truck as he lost consciousness due to blood loss.


jeffBaily was confronted by the shooter, 70 year old Jeffrey West, as he was picking up a vehicle from a local mobile home park. West exited his residence brandishing a firearm and shot Baily several times as he was leaving in his personal vehicle. The nature of the shooting was due to a civil issue regarding the vehicle Baily was picking up from the location.

Officers and emergency personnel rendered aid immediately to Baily at the scene and he was later transported to a local hospital where he was treated and is expected to survive.

West was arrested and transported to Riverside County Jail. He is facing charges for attempted murder and a bail has been set for $1,000,000.

Screen Shot 2017-04-11 at 1.59.12 AM


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