Hemet: RV Bursts Into Flames During Early Evening Hours

On December 11 2016, Hemet Fire Department and Cal Fire/Riverside County Fire responded to an RV fire located in the backyard area of an auto repair shop on Menlo Ave, a short way east of the intersection with San Jacinto St.


When arriving on scene, they located the recreational vehicle fully engulfed in flames and immediately began efforts to control the fire before it caused damage to the surrounding structures and other vehicles. Hemet PD and San Jacinto PD provided traffic control on San Jacinto St and Menlo Ave while firefighters were busy putting out the blaze.

The fire approximately began at 6:15 pm with multiple people calling 911 to report the large flames coming from the backyard of the auto repair shop. A thick black smoke filled the sky and several explosions of unknown nature were heard originating from inside the burning RV.

Firefighters had the flames under control in less than 20 minutes and from there proceeded with an investigation surrounding the cause of the fire, which at this moment appears to be unknown.

One occupant and his dog escaped the burning RV without suffering any injuries. The occupant didn’t wish to offer any information other than he was living inside the RV and was inside the moment the fire began.

The recreational vehicle was completely burned to the ground and declared a total loss. The owner of the auto repair facility couldn’t be contacted at the time for comment and the fire is still an ongoing investigation.


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