Legendari Boss, Hip Hop Talent in Hemet

Hip Hop has been around for quite some time and is still popular to this day. This genre of music has been disliked for many songs containing lyrics which refer to violence or gang culture, it has also been loved for it’s artistic value and because many artists express their feelings, their life, the struggles they or others continue to go through living in impoverished communities and also because it can have a positive influence when taken for what it is; art.

Many believe that this form of music may influence youth in a negative way or that the lyrics in Hip Hop music contains references to violence, gang activity, anti law enforcement sentiment, etc. While there are some rappers who focus the lyrics in their songs in a negative direction, there are others who differ. Of course like all music, liking it or not depends upon personal preference.

Legendari Boss is a local rapper who has a positive message to convey and a great talent. Honestly, I can say that I used to like the old style of rap that, although contained violence in it’s lyrics, had a story to tell. Most of the new Hip Hop on the market today has nothing but negativity with no value in it, at least according to my own personal perspective.

I asked Legendari Boss what drove him to become a rapper, what made him film parts of the music video for his song “100 Pounds of Pressure” in Hemet, and what he had to say about his life and what he believes in.

I was born in Madison Wisconsin raised on the West Coast Riverside to be exact, I was influenced by rap music n the early 90s that was my only escape I had to dodge the bullet of this California gang culture. I opened up shows in the early 90s for ICE T, Dj Quik & Hi -C before I took a long hiatus from 1990 to 2000 after the deal with Capitol Records flopped I took a vovle never to rap again.

After the clubs and ten years of partying I decided to give it one more shot sending in demos to Nu Tribe records, priority records & delicious vinyl but after they kept turning me down I decided to get on my street grind selling tapes and CDs out the trunk of my car, selling 20,000 CDs alone in the streets of Moreno valley and Riverside.

It wasn’t until 2007 when I landed my first record deal with Thump Records when I moved to Hemet, California. Hemet is no different from Los Angeles, a small town full of violence and even though I reside out here I stay low key and keep to myself recording records with Big Syke from Thug Life to Spice 1 with our record that was released 2015 entitled ” Thug Therapy”.

Bossolo brought Spice 1 to Hemet a couple of months ago where they filmed their video “Doe Boyz” at All for show on State street and the surrounding areas.

Hemet is a low key cool city but the homeless rate is sky high we need more programs out here a youth center like a boys club were people can get involved in something positive instead of being on drugs and being bored out there mind. Im not a criminal and don’t condone violence I just make good music and live the best life for my family.

If you have any dreams my advice is never get up on what you believe.

Check out Legendari Boss’s youtube channel and for information about his work, digital or hardcopies of his music, click on the following links:
Thug Therapy – Spice 1 & Bossolo
New Album Haterz Nightmare Official Album
Thug Therapy


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