Perris: Massive Fire at Pallet Yard Suspected to be Caused by Arson

calfireFriday morning at about 2:49 am, a pallet yard in Perris, CA at North Webster Avenue and West Ramona Expressway burst into flames with fire spread over 2 acres of pallets. The blaze was large enough to be visible for miles and continued to burn until the early morning hours with explosions being heard at random, caused by propane tanks contained within the yard and exposed to the heat.


The Pallet Yard at North Webster Ave and Ramona Expressway

Cal Fire/Riverside County Fire department responded en masse with multiple ladder trucks, engines and 58 firefighters. Riverside County Sheriffs responded to the fire as well, assisting with closing the roads leading to the massive blaze.

The fire was finally contained at about 10:15 am. Firefighters remained on scene for hours after the containment to continue on with an investigation surrounding the cause of the inferno. Arson investigators responded to the scene to aid in the investigation after suspicion that the fire could’ve been caused by arson.

One person, a resident in an area near the fire, reported witnessing how it all began. “I saw the fire start, and it didn’t look right. It started in one area and spread fast to all the pallets in the back and all around the building.” he stated. The witness, who asked to remain anonymous, also pointed out his opinion regarding other pallet yard fires, similar to the one reported here.

In the past few months, there have been multiple pallet yards that have been burned down by massive flames. These fires also were regarded as suspicious as well as several fires in Homeland, CA that have occurred during the same time frame. The last incident in Homeland, a fire at a Tire Shop, was caught on film by a security camera owned by a person living across the street from the shop.

Security Camera Footage of the Homeland Tire Shop Fire:

The night vision film clearly shows a person approaching the shop, lighting the fire and walking away. As the witness of this pallet yard stated, “there have been all these pallet yard fires and all the weird fires in Homeland, like the church that burned down months ago. Maybe they’re connected”.

It bears mentioning with this report because investigators do indeed have reasonable suspicion to believe this pallet yard fire was caused by an arsonist. Pallet fire yards suspected to be caused by arson include a yard in Fontana, CA which caught fire in January, one in Ontario last month and another in San Bernardino just a week ago. Victim are offering a reward of $32.000 for information leading to the capture of those responsible.

Ramona Expressway was closed down until 1:30 pm and investigators are proceeding with an investigation. Fortunately, no injuries were reported but damage from the fire caused a loss of $300.000.


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