Hemet: Teenager Wounded and Another Victim Killed During Early Morning Shooting

hpdAt about 12:40 am on 11/04/2016, Hemet Police responded to a call of shots fired with multiple victims in the area of Palm Ave and Acacia Ave. When arriving on scene, officers located two victims, with one victim declared deceased at the scene and a third victim who was shot in the face in the backyard of a residence on the 200 block of S Western Street.


The patient was transported in an unknown condition to a local hospital. An investigation is ongoing. No suspect information or information related to other possible victims is available at this time. The official press release below presents the facts of the investigation at it’s present time. If new information is disclosed or discovered, this article will be updated accordingly.


Details at the time of the incident were confusing, and many people discussing the homicide had conflicting information. Developing stories of this magnitude and complication tend to leave behind a trail of rumors or unconfirmed information.

This is why usually reports of breaking news may be published as a developing story. Certain details heard, seen, etc at  the scene may differ from the facts presented by PD after a preliminary investigation. As long as the information is corrected or confirm ed prior to press release, all is well. The important part is getting the story out to the people, who deserve to know what’s happening in their community.

Videos from Onscene.tv, containing my footage: screen-shot-2016-11-04-at-11-23-56-pm

KTLA5 Preliminary investigation report:

ABC7 Article about the shooting:




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