Moreno Valley: Multiple Vehicle Collision Causes Morning Shutdown of I-60 West

CHP_Door_InsigniaOn October 27, 2016 at about 3:30 am, CHP responded to a multiple vehicle traffic collision involving a truck carrying a load of hay on the I-60 westbound in Moreno Valley. The truck crashing caused hay to be spilled all over the freeway and five other vehicles were involved in the accident.

The freeway in the Badlands area was backed up until the morning hours when finally they hay was being cleaned up off the roadway. One person appeared to have suffered minor to moderate injuries in the crash although the condition of the victim isn’t clear at the moment. The freeway was reopened at about 9 am.


Moreno Valley: Stretch of the I-60 Westbound, Badlands Area Closed Due to Incident

Semi Tractor Trailer Hauling Bales of Hay Loses Load on 60 Freeway Causing Multiple Vehicle Collision and Five Hour Freeway Shutdown


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