Hemet: Fire Department Saves Home From Blaze

hemet fireHemet Fire Department was dispatched to a residential structure fire on Saturday, August 6 2016 at the 4500 block of Brookside Drive. Citizens began reporting the house fire to 911 at around 12:13 pm and Fire personnel responded quickly to the location to fight the blaze that was causing a thick black smoke, clearly visible from afar and was spreading rapidly.

brookside fire

Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 2.49.35 AM

Photo Courtesy of Michelle Leigh Leaverton

Firefighters arrived on scene 7 minutes after being dispatched and after establishing a water source and using multiple hoses and engines, they managed to extinguish the blaze in 20 minutes. The flames were growing rapidly and destroyed most of the backyard of the residence, fencing, and trees.


The side of the home suffered a small amount of damage, but Hemet Fire personnel managed to keep the flames from spreading into the living areas of the residence, saving them from damage. The family residing at the home was displaced until decided they could safely return home. Although the side of the house suffered some damage, according to fire officials, the residence is still in livable conditions.

Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 2.49.17 AM

Photo Courtesy of Michelle Leigh Leaverton

Many onlookers were on scene witnessing the fire, many of them taking pictures and videos they later posted on social media. Due to vehicles slowing down or stopping to observe out of curiosity, Hemet Police Department, a Hemet Police Volunteer Unit and a California State Park ranger in the vicinity, assisted to provide traffic and crowd control.

Hemet Fire Department responded rapidly and decisively, containing the blaze to the backyard of the residence and avoided it spreading to the house and damaging it beyond repair. Once again HFD provided the citizens of Hemet with a fire service beyond excellency. Not a single injury was reported and although the family residing at the home was temporarily displaced, firefighters ensured that they didn’t lose their home in what could’ve been a disaster resulting in a total loss.

Fire Chief Scott Brown and the Hemet Fire Department should be commended once more for the great service provided to the community when considering the minimal amount of resources and manpower at the disposal of the local fire department here in Hemet.


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