Hemet: Stolen Vehicle Recovered Next to Police Station

August 1, 2016 at approximately 4:30 pm. A vehicle found parked behind the Hemet Library, right next to the Hemet Police Station was positively identified by an Officer as being stolen. The man in possession of the vehicle, 24-year-old Christopher Gabriel Rincon, was taken into custody by San Jacinto Police. He was wanted for stealing the vehicle at a Walgreens within the city of San Jacinto.

As my wife and I were grabbing a bite to eat, we heard of Officers identifying the stolen vehicle. Considering that we were close to the location, we proceeded to drive by to see what was going on. A man was taken into custody and the stolen car was recovered and towed.

This is a common crime here in Hemet and cases of vehicles being stolen happen all over town. In many cases, police recover the property but in other cases, the criminals are able to evade capture and the vehicles are never found, or are found later chopped up for parts.

There are a few Officers at the Hemet Police Department who hold the record for the amount of stolen vehicles recovered. It’s not uncommon for Officers to be patrolling the streets and encounter several vehicles that have been reported stolen, or like in this case, the vehicle is found parked right next to the police station. Some criminals are individuals of towering intellect, apparently. At one session of the Hemet Council Meeting, Officers identified multiple vehicles reported stolen in the parking lot of the library itself.

Later at around midnight, another stolen vehicle was recovered by police and right around the corner from that incident, a pedestrian was struck by a hit and run driver. All bad incidents but not too bad for a day in Hemet. Video and pictures below, any further details regarding the incident reported on are unknown at this point.


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