Hemet: Fatality in Dump Truck Crash on Highway 79

CHP_Door_InsigniaJuly 28, 2016

A man is dead after crashing the dump truck he was driving. The crash was reported at around 2:30 pm on Highway 79, between Domenigoni Parkway and Olive Street in Hemet. California Highway Patrol responded to the scene where they confirmed one fatality and shut down SR79 between Domenigoni and Olive as operations to remove the truck from the crash site were ongoing.

The driver of the blue truck lost control of the vehicle and crashed in a ditch right before a bridge just after the intersection of Domenigoni and SR79. The truck almost flew off the side but stopped with almost half of the vehicle hanging over the side of the bridge.

Concerns over a liquid spilling from underneath the vehicle down into the field below the bridge prompted CHP to call a hazmat team at approximately 3:30 pm. The liquid was discovered to be gasoline and by the time we left the scene, hazmat still had to respond. It’s unsure whether or not hazmat showed up after we gathered our story and left or was cancelled.

At 5:45 pm, CHP initiated closure of the roadway in order to begin removing the wrecked truck from the crash site. No other vehicles were involved and the roadway was open until closed for the recovery procedures due to the fact that the truck involved was on the side of the road and not blocking traffic.

Allegedly the driver of the dump truck suffered a stroke or other medical emergency while driving and this caused him to lose control of the vehicle. According to family members of the victim, he did not die at the scene, but suffered a stroke which caused him to crash and died later of a heart attack at the hospital.


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