Valle Vista, CA: Riverside County Sheriffs SWAT Team Raid House on Germaine Lane

On July 1, 2016 in Valle Vista, CA; a raid was conducted at a residence on Germaine Lane. This location is a familiar one because I reported on it a few months ago when Riverside County Sheriffs found stolen vehicles and made arrests at the same home.

Witnesses on scene that day described an ongoing scenario of vehicles being sold; traded and chopped up for parts; including allegations of drug usage and sale; and allegations of firearms being traded for drugs or vehicles; vehicle parts and electronics.


The Residence Raided By Riverside County Sheriff SWAT

Apart from what was witnessed on scene and statements from witnesses claiming allegations of an assault weapon found inside the home and that the person it belonged to took responsibility for it; no further details are available at this point. All that is known is that SWAT raided a residence two months after a report of multiple subjects being taken into custody due to the fact that stolen vehicles were found at the location.

The following is a video report of the previous incident:

The day of the most recent incident; SWAT was in front of the location with the street blocked with crime scene tape and filled with Sheriff deputies. Another SWAT unit was on the street behind the residence as well; perhaps as a precaution in case someone decided to attempt escape through the rear.

I attempted to get all the information I could on scene in regards to why SWAT and deputies responded with such a large force; and what they were looking for inside the home considering that it was discovered that Sheriffs were also executing a search warrant; but I could not get more than what witnessed due to an active and ongoing investigation.

From Riverside County Sheriffs Media Information Bureau:

Mr. Strangis,

We received your request for information regarding the police activity on Friday.  At this point, we can confirm we conducted a search warrant related to an active and ongoing investigation.  The search warrant was executed by our SWAT team, but the details surrounding the investigation are unavailable for release at this time.  We appreciate your patience, but the case is still active and ongoing so the details available for release are limited.



The individual in the pictures or someone claiming to be using his Facebook profile contacted me defensively claiming his innocence. The name on the profile and the pictures were enough for me to conduct a search and find the following information regarding the charges pressed against this man. At the moment; considering the investigation in process and the fact that this man has been released shortly after being taken into custody the day of the raid; I decided not to publish his name and full booking information.

Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 11.15.56 PM

If I receive an update to the information written here, I will be updating the article to include the newly discovered details. For now; following is a video report of the raid and photographs.


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