Hemet: Police Recover Stolen Vehicle Found Parked in a Garage

On June 27, 2016; a white 2012 Hyundai Sonata was reported stolen to Hemet Police. A comment was posted to Hemet PD’s Facebook Page at 10:39 am by the owner of the Hyundai, who was asking for people to keep an eye open for her car and to call the authorities if anyone happened to locate it.


Allegedly; the suspects walked into the workplace of the victim and stole her car keys which were left on a counter inside the business. After the owner noticed her car had been stolen and reported it to Hemet Police; It didn’t take long for officers to locate and recover the stolen Sonata. At approximately 11:00 am; Hemet Police traced the vehicle back to an apartment complex at the 400 block of Simpson Ave.

The stolen car was found in one of the garages of the apartment complex and allegedly, a nearby Hyundai dealership was able to remotely sound the horn in an attempt to make it easier for officers to locate inside which garage the vehicle was located.

Officers made contact with the residents of the apartment and took into custody two suspects; a male and a female. The owner of the vehicle was contacted to recover it once it  was dusted for prints and the investigation was completed at that point.

Throughout the rest of the day, police were able to recover a few other stolen vehicles. Unfortunately vehicle theft is an ongoing and routine crime being committed in the Hemet Valley and while some of these crimes end with the owner recovering his or her property; not everyone is so fortunate. Great job once again; Hemet Police Department!


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