Valle Vista, CA: Riverside County Sheriffs Raid Residence and Recover Stolen Vehicles

On May 11 2016 Riverside County Sheriff Deputies noticed a trailer parked in front of a residence at 25725 Germaine Lane in Valle Vista, California. When they ran the plates, the trailer came back as stolen. From what we heard at first, it appears one suspect was detained at gunpoint and one or two more barricaded themselves inside the house. Backup quickly arrived on scene; including the Star 9 Helicopter which began ordering the occupants of the residence to exit the home with their hands up.

Screen Shot 2016-05-14 at 10.03.16 PM

Location of Incident

Witnesses who watched the scene unfold seem to confirm three suspects were at the location but we witnessed two being taken into custody. The identities of the suspects or which if any charges were filed against them remains unknown at this point. Residents of Germaine Lane stated that ongoing traffic was occurring at the suspect residence both during the day and night and continuously. The witnesses also stated that stolen vehicles and electronics were being delivered constantly; even at night time. They also strongly suggest that sales and use of methamphetamine were taking place, including firearms being sold or traded and vehicles being dismantled for parts almost all day and night. All allegations at this point.

After two suspects were taken into custody by Riverside Sheriffs; the Chevy Tahoe SUV attached to the stolen trailer and another red pickup truck parked on the street also was found to be stolen the night before but was recovered. The SUV was towed and the owner of the red pickup who recovered the trailer also belonging to him reported that both vehicles were stolen from his shop which was also robbed for parts. The owner of the red pickup drove off with the trailer after recovering it.

Before leaving the scene, we heard that Sheriffs were waiting for a search warrant to be issued so they could enter and search the residence. I contacted the Riverside County Sheriff Department for more information or a press release regarding what exactly occurred at the residence; but I was informed that this incident was part of a large operation being worked on by RAID (Riverside Auto Theft Interdiction Detail) investigators. I was encouraged to contact RAID to see if they could give me any more details, but considering this incident is part of an ongoing investigation, I could not get more information. The email I received contained a link to a press release regarding an incident which seems to be linked to the one being reported on in this article one and others RAID investigators have been working on.


We are working to confirm the information regarding the investigation.  We responded to the location regarding a report of a stolen trailer.  We located a stolen trailer and the investigation was ongoing when I reported the information yesterday afternoon.  The deputies at the location were working with the RAID investigators, so I have reached out to them regarding the investigation.  They have been working similar crimes in the area as of late.

We encourage you to reach out them as well. 


Media Information Bureau
Riverside County Sheriff’s Department

Below is a video report regarding this incident. This is an ongoing investigation and the story is still developing. When or if I receive additional information; I will release an update.


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