Hemet, CA: Stabbing at Dickey’s BBQ

05/03/16 in Hemet, CA. Stabbing at Dickey’s BBQ on Sanderson Ave. Two men were involved in a scuffle at the location of the restaurant which resulted in one of the individuals being injured with a knife. One suspect fled on foot but was later found and arrested. The victim of the stabbing declined medical attention. Great job as always, Hemet Police Department!

While I was on scene, a woman who identified herself as the property manager, harassed me while attempting to film an incident of public interest which took place in a common area of a private property where there was no reasonable expectation of privacy. I informed her of my right to film, showed her documents which she refused to accept and review and attempted to have the officers ticket my vehicle “for being parked illegally” as a way to intimidate me to stop recording.


2 thoughts on “Hemet, CA: Stabbing at Dickey’s BBQ

  1. Went into that B-B-Que a few days before with my wife. Screaming child and no response from store personnel or parents caused me to leave before ordering—NEVER to return!

    • The food over there is actually good I enjoy it. It’s not really the restaurants fault it was the fault of that person if anything the property manager. But from what I understand she’s not the property manager of the restaurant.

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