UPDATED – Hemet, CA: Shooting at Unlicensed Medical Cannabis Dispensary

(Updated 06/07/16)

05/05/16 – A Shooting occurred at a medical cannabis dispensary named “P.R.E.I” at 640 San Jacinto St in Hemet, CA.  According to Hemet Police Department Lieutenant Eric Dickson; the dispensary was unlicensed and a robbery was committed at the location. An investigation is currently underway.


P.R.E.I. Illegal Dispensary Location. 640 N San Jacinto St, Hemet, California

Two dogs were injured and taken in by Ramona Humane Society for treatment and brought to California Veterinary specialists in Murrieta. Suspects were taken into custody and the owners of the property are cooperating with investigators. One person was shot but is expected to survive.

A press release from Hemet Police Department was made available on Friday May 6, 2016:

Screen Shot 2016-05-07 at 12.34.22 PM

Multiple suspects were involved in the armed robbery which occurred at approximately 9:43 pm. The suspects entered the business listed as P.R.E.I. Corporation located at the 600 block of N San Jacinto St in Hemet, Ca in the Alessandro Center and fired shots which struck the vicim and two dogs. The victim hit by gunfire was the property owner. He was struck multiple times and transported to a local hospital but is expected to survive his injuries.

The suspects also shot two dogs at the location who were taken by Ramona Humane Society for treatment. One of the dogs was struck four times by gunfire but is doing fine at the moment recovering at home with the owners. The other dog is owned by a family member of the recovering dog and is still receiving treatment and a gofundme account has been created to raise funds to pay for his care.

At the scene, two individuals were taken into custody but their identity remains anonymous and nothing is known regarding the connection they had in relation to the incident or what charges, if any, have been pressed against them.

What is known at the moment about the business is that investigators believe it was operating as an unlicensed medical cannabis dispensary. The P.R.E.I. dispensary is located around the corner from Compassionate Harvest Medical Clinic, a clinic where patients can obtain licenses for the legal use of medical cannabis under Prop 215, SB 420 and in compliance with State Law.

There is still an ongoing investigation and more details will be released when and if made available. If you have any information which may help investigators, please contact Cpl. Gomez at the Hemet Police Department at (951) 765-2400.

Story still developing; check back for updates.



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