Perris, CA: Suspect Crashes on 215 Freeway On-Ramp After High Speed Pursuit

April 14, 2016; Perris, CA. High speed pursuit going westbound on Florida Ave through Hemet, CA. Riverside County Sheriff Deputies were searching for an individual who drove through Hemet and who was spotted by Hemet Police after they noticed a car matching the description of the suspect’s vehicle.

Steven Yates, 19, crashed on the on-ramp to the 215 freeway near Highway 74 in Perris, CA. Yates was detained and  was transported to the county medical center after colliding with a red pickup truck while attempting to make a left hand turn just before the I-215 southbound on-ramp adjacent to Highway 74. At the time of my video report, no further details were available until more information was released by regional gang task force officials via written statement.

Screen Shot 2016-04-15 at 10.25.52 PM

The chase began at approximately 8:20 pm the night of April 14 when a fight was reported at the 43100 block of Andrade Avenue in Valle Vista, east of Hemet, CA. Sheriff deputies terminated their pursuit of the suspect vehicle at Florida Ave and New Chicago Ave in Hemet. Gang task force officers spotted the vehicle at Florida Ave and Girard St in east Hemet. The suspect had only one headlight operational, was swerving on Florida Ave, was running red lights and reaching speeds of 90 mile per hour.

HPD officers abandoned the pursuit near westbound Hwy. 74, east of Juniper Flats Road. Approximately 8 minutes after abandoning the chase, officers heard a report of the suspect vehicle crashing on the southbound on-ramp to the I-215 near Highway 74. They then went to the scene to assist.

Yates was apprehended after the crash and found to be on probation for making criminal threats. District Attorney officials will ask for felony battery charges to be filed for the incident that occurred before the chase and for felony evading and driving under the influence of a controlled substance.

Photography and videography by John Strangis. On Scene; Hemet Valley Incidents and Epicenter News


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