Bad Traffic Collision in Hemet, CA at the Intersection of Florida Ave and Hemet St

April 13 2016 at approximately 5 pm. Traffic collision in Hemet, CA at the intersection of Florida Ave and Hemet St. Hemet Police and California Highway Patrol responded to the scene. Great job as always HPD and CHP! The accident was high priority; Fire and medical responded to the scene as well, only to leave shortly after arriving.

A reporting party called informing that he or she heard what sounded like a violent collision. Both vehicles were totaled and fortunately nobody was injured but according to many people who live around this area, accidents are quite common because of the high speeds of vehicles traveling westbound and eastbound on Florida Ave. The best thing is not to attempt to make a left hand turn anticipating the speed of incoming vehicles and make a right turn instead.

This is a pretty dangerous intersection; it would be a great idea if the city would add a traffic light. It would greatly reduce the amounts of collisions at this location.

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 9.15.32 PM

Photography and videography by John Strangis. Ricardo Ruelas on scene for Hemet Eye News. Aric Bell, Miguel Shannon and James Anderson were on scene for Hemet Valley Incidents and Epicenter News.


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