Hemet, CA: Violent Crash with One Fatality and Another Victim Seriously Injured

Fatal crash past Florida Ave and California Ave in Hemet involving two vehicles. According to CHP Public Information Officer Darren Meyer the Post Accountability Team from Riverside County went to serve a search warrant in the Truelson area. The search warrant was unrelated to the traffic collision.

The officers noticed a gold vehicle stopped in the road occupied by male driver who appeared to be asleep. When knocking on the window of the vehicle, they noticed drug paraphernalia and that the vehicle had no plates. Officers continued to knock until the driver woke up, put the car in gear and took off southbound on Truelson ave to Florida ave.

The officers in pursuit lost sight of the gold vehicle which ended making a left turn on Florida ave. The gold vehicle collided with a white pickup in the westbound lane after losing control in an attempt to pass another vehicle on the left. The white pickup was occupied only by the driver who was injured and transported to Riverside Regional Medical Center.

The violent collision split the gold vehicle in half and gravely injured the driver, who lost an arm at the scene and was transported to Hemet Valley Medical Center. He was later pronounced deceased.

According to the preliminary investigation, the gold vehicle was confirmed stolen. The driver was 34 years old. Hemet Police were assisting CHP with the traffic collision on Florida Ave just west of the city limits.

*UPDATE 03/30/16*
The man who lost an arm and later died around 2:45 pm after being transported to Hemet Valley Medical Center was identified as Larry Beaudoin, 33. Leonel Aguirre, 25, of Long Beach was the driver of the white pickup. According to California Highway Patrol, Leonel is expected to survive his injuries.

From Press Enterprise – HEMET: Man killed in violent crash on Highway 74

From Press Enterprise – HEMET: Man killed in violent Highway 74 crash identified


Video by John Strangis; photography and videography by John Strangis and Ricardo Ruelas for Hemet Eye News
On-Scene Photographer: Aric Bell for Hemet Valley Incidents 

On-Scene Photographer: Johnny P Kemp for Epicenter News


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