Stupid Comments on my Vegan Product Review Videos

roast game hen with rice

The percentage of vegan people on earth is minuscule compared to the percentage of meat eaters. Imagine changing the whole world vegan. This includes getting rid of any and all products that have been made with animals in some shape or form. If you attempt to convince every single human on this earth to go vegan, you might have a hard time; not to mention, people tend to not like others shoving morality or their own way of life down their throat and in many parts of the world, meat eating is considered a cultural aspect.

Some countries have a predominately meat eating culture. Switching to a vegan earth would entail not only changing the mindset of every single individual in a way that they think the food they are eating is immoral and cruel (good luck), but also changing the entire food culture of a population (good luck again).

Then we have the so called new age or spiritual view of why eating meat is wrong. I also do not believe the spirituality excuse. If you eat meat you are lowering your “vibration” and accumulating bad karma. This is one point in particular certain militant vegans point out to me when they attempt to convince me that I am guilty of murder and rape for eating meat or consuming dairy products. There are some very bad people who are rich and have all the power in the world; strange how their bad karma ended up giving them abundance opposed to the contrary.

There are always going to be meat eaters regardless of how many people go vegan. Since vegans have plenty of people who love to attack others by calling them murderers, animal abusers, etc or by playing on people’s sense of guilt or sense of morality. Plus, I will never buy into the bad karma issue only for eating meat. If I do 1000 good acts and 1 day of eating meat condemns me, I do not call it karma, I call it a pathetic joke.beef

It doesn’t matter anyways. If the whole world went vegan humans would still find something to fight over or a means to create division and hatred among themselves. Don’t worry. I bet we are not the only ones debating this. There must be a community of lions somewhere complaining at each other for the same reason. Or perhaps not. The meat eating lions got tired of hearing the same annoying arguments over and over and ate the vegan group.

Eat your steak and live your life. Don’t forget to thank the cow.


4 thoughts on “Stupid Comments on my Vegan Product Review Videos

  1. I think your article about eating meat vs not eating any animal products is very sensible. Some of us who eat meat do not eat it to the exclusion of all other foods. Perhaps we should exclude things made with sugar, which is the cause of numerous diseases far worse than eating meat can cause! And I wish I could quit eating sugar!

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