Golden Ginger Chinese Cuisine in Hemet, CA

golden ginger

Golden Ginger Chinese Cuisine

Jessica and I decided to go out for Chinese but this time instead of picking up some food from any of the classic Chinese takeout joints, I was looking more into a restaurant where I could sit down and have a good Chinese meal.

There are not many choices of Chinese restaurants where we live, so after hearing other people mentioning it and saying they had a positive experience there, we decided to try out Golden Ginger Chinese Cuisine; a restaurant near the Stater Bros market on Stetson Ave in Hemet, CA.

We went in on a Monday, an hour before their closing time of 9:30 pm and the restaurant was empty except for one customer sitting down at a table and a few others who walked in to order or pick up some carry-out.

The decor and atmosphere of the restaurant were pleasant and although we felt like the only people dining there that night, I heard that this place gets pretty crowded during the holidays. When it comes to it, the solitude didn’t really didn’t matter to me. We chose to sit in a booth at one corner of the restaurant where we could enjoy our meal with some privacy.

Their menu includes a large variety of items to choose from including lunch and dinner specials, chef specials, healthy choices and specials for children. Such a large menu is a delight for someone like myself who will be definitely be going back to try out many more of their dishes, but could also be intimidating to the uninitiated. No worries as the staff is more than happy to help with your inquiries regarding their numerous selections of dishes. To see what they have to offer, visit their website by following the link at the top of this page.

After looking through their menu and wanting to try out many interesting items that caught my attention, we finally decided on a few dishes to order and I got myself a Chinese beer to drink with my meal. I never tried Chinese beer before and I was happy of giving it a chance because it was indeed a great tasting beer.

For appetizers, I ordered a small wonton soup. The broth was clear and very flavorful; something I just enjoyed sipping till the last drop. The wontons and their filling were absolutely stunning and the veggies in the soup added a great flavor and texture of their own as well.

Jessica ordered some fried shrimp as her appetizer which were served with sweet and sour sauce and horseradish sauce. The spicy horseradish was too much for Jessica so she chose to dip her shrimp in the sweet and sour sauce instead. I tasted both and my preference was the horseradish sauce. I loved the tangy, spicy and sinus clearing sauce. That flavor of sourness, spiciness and the horseradish vapors hitting your sinuses after a few seconds was something I enjoyed much more than the sweet and sour sauce and paired perfectly with the flavor of the crispy breaded shrimp.

Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 3.07.53 PM

As our main courses Jessica ordered Mongolian beef and I ordered Chinese crispy duck. I found this dish under their chef specials and considering how I’ve never had the chance to taste it before, this was an obvious choice for me that day. Both our dishes came served with a nice big bowl of fried rice. We shared a little bit of each so we both could have a chance of tasting all of our selections.

Mongolian beef is a dish I’ve had plenty of times before at various take-out Chinese restaurants and is also a dish I make myself as well. I’ve heard that it’s a Chinese-American creation and that the authentic version of Mongolian beef is a bit different, but regardless, it’s been an all time favorite of mine. Golden Ginger’s Mongolian beef was packed with flavor, the veggies were crisp and the meat was tender and juicy.

Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 3.37.20 PM

The duck was absolutely stunning with a crisp skin, slight gamey flavor and a sauce to go with it which I could describe as a thick savory barbecue sauce. Not quite sure the ingredients they use in this sauce, but it paired with the duck perfectly. Jessica wasn’t too convinced as she doesn’t have much love for gamey meats so she decided to stick to the Mongolian beef and rice. This meant more duck for me and I was more than happy to eat the whole thing.

Our server was kind enough to inform us that this dish might take a bit to prepare and to be ready to wait twenty minutes or so, but I had no issue with the wait and appreciated the warning. Many people complain when their food takes too long to reach the table after ordering, but good food can’t be rushed; it’s going to take the amount of time needed to be prepared properly and this dish definitely was.

Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 3.47.13 PM

When we were close to finishing our meal, we had the feeling of being rushed as our server brought boxes and our check before asking if we were done with our dinner. We didn’t need the boxes as we ended up eating everything in sight but we did try to finish up and leave quickly. The restaurant was slow that night so perhaps I understand that they wanted to close up and go home but there was more than a half hour left until closing time.

Two other people entered the restaurant right after we left including the police who stopped by for a quick meal. This makes me believe that the feeling of being rushed might have been a misunderstanding on our part as I am more than certain these new customers were served regardless of the restaurant closing in only fifteen minutes or so.

Finishing here, we had a great experience; the food was excellent and I definitely recommend this restaurant for anyone looking for some great Chinese food in Hemet, CA.


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