National HIV/AIDS Strategy for the United States: Updated to 2020

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Just recently, the White House has released the national HIV/AIDS strategy for the United States updated to 2020. HIV affects us all regardless of race, sexual orientation, gender, etc; and this new strategy will help prevent new infections, will make sure those living with HIV receive the care and medications they need and help reduce stigma and discrimination.


  1. Reduce New Infections
  2. Increase Access to Care and Improve Health Outcomes for People Living with HIV
  3. Reduce HIV-Related Health Disparities and Health Inequities
  4. Achieve a More Coordinated National Response to the HIV Epidemic

First released by President Obama on July 13, 2010, the Strategy identified a set of priorities and strategic action steps tied to measurable outcomes for moving the Nation forward in addressing the domestic HIV epidemic. In July 2015, the White House released the National HIV/AIDS Strategy for the United States: Updated to 2020. This Update reflects the work accomplished and the new scientific developments since 2010 and charts a course for collective action across the Federal government and all sectors of society to move us close to the Strategy’s vision.

Please take some time to read the information regarding this update at the following link: National HIV/AIDS Strategy : Overview



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