My Review of the New Sizzler Restaurant that Recently Opened in Hemet, CA

To be honest, I never dined at Sizzler before so this was a fairly new experience for me. From what I understand, there was another Sizzler in Hemet that closed and this new restaurant appears to be much more satisfying to people who’ve dined at their previous location.

I learned about the restaurant because just before opening, they were holding open interviews in the parking lot. I decided to apply for a job, filled out my application and turned it in; only to be told by a certain staff member working there that day that “he could help look over my paperwork but he couldn’t do much about my smile”.

This left me with some sour in my mouth as I believed it to be completely inappropriate, unprofessional and rude for someone to respond in such a manner to an applicant who came there willing, ready to work and with good hopes of being hired. The manager who interviewed me and who I met at the restaurant the day I filmed my review video, was very nice, remembered who I was and invited me to apply again in a few weeks if I felt like doing so. Good to know that the way I was treated the day of the interviews was the reflection of the behavior of a single individual and not of the company itself.

Walking into the restaurant was an experience in itself. The decor is beautiful, the staff are friendly and willing to help with anything you need, the salad bar is well stocked with a variety of options which no doubt would satisfy the needs and likes of many diners. Like I said before, this is the first time I’ve been to a Sizzler so I cannot compare this restaurant to others. If their other locations are similar to this new one in Hemet, they get a thumbs up for that alone.

Their menu has a variety of options to choose from as well. From steak, burgers, ribs to seafood and more; they have many items to choose from and are well priced in my opinion. I ordered the steak and lobster combination with a baked potato and for $20.99, it was a great meal for a good price. Not in many restaurants can you order lobster and steak, or a lobster dish alone for twenty dollars. I asked for my steak to be cooked medium rare and when my plate arrived, everything was cooked to perfection.

One thing that impressed me is the fact that our server asked if I would like to cut into my steak to make sure it was cooked to order. This may be because it’s their policy to make sure the customer is satisfied with the food or may be an indicator of under confidence in the chef running the grill station; but I appreciated it regardless of the reason. Many times I have ordered steaks at other restaurants that arrived not cooked as I ordered them.


The presentation of the lobster that came with my order deserved a little more attention to detail, as you can notice from the Sizzler lobster on the left and a lobster dish of my own creation on the right side of the following picture, but was delicious regardless. Also let’s not forget that this is a Sizzler restaurant, not Mastro’s Steakhouse in Beverly Hills or Thomas Keller’s French Laundry in Napa Valley.


Jessica ordered the jumbo fried shrimp plate with a baked potato and we decided to try out their salad bar as well. I tasted the shrimp Jessica ordered and they were tender on the inside with a crispy and flavorful breading. The accompanying cocktail sauce served along the shrimp was also a great addition as a dipping sauce. The flavor of this sauce resembled a marinara with added zest. Very nice.


The salad bar is filled with a different varieties of greens and other veggies to choose from. Just load up your plate, bring it to their dressing station and let the server toss and dress it for you. Make sure to try out one of their signature vinaigrettes, they’re all delicious and there are many flavors to choose from.


Overall we had a wonderful experience. The food was great and although I’ve heard from other people that their prices are quite steep for what they have to offer; this certainly didn’t seem to be the case for us. For everything including the salad bar, a drink for Jessica and a beer for myself; our total bill was approximately $50. Not bad for two people and for what we ordered.

Give them a try if you happen to find yourself in Hemet, CA or give Sizzler a try if you’ve never had the chance of eating at one before. Make sure to check out my review video below as well.

Address: 4762 W Florida Ave, Hemet, CA 92545
Phone: (951) 658-2428


20 thoughts on “My Review of the New Sizzler Restaurant that Recently Opened in Hemet, CA

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  2. Can’t wait to go….I had their steak and lobster before at the old Sizzler, and it was very good. I hear from friends that order only salad bar, that it’s out of this world. Good for you to go and report the great review.

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