Prova Pizzeria in West Hollywood, CA

If I had to choose one thing that I miss from Italy, it would be a good pizza made the traditional Italian way. This is what I found at Prova Pizzeria in West Hollywood; a pizzeria that recently opened, and the most authentic Italian pizzeria I’ve found to this day. Yes, there are other good pizza joints in Los Angeles and other areas, but Maestro Pizzaiolo (pizza master) Vito Iacopelli makes this pizzeria shine not only for the authenticity of his pizzas but the friendliness and hospitality found here also feels like entering a small piece of Italy.

Vito has been making pizzas for two decades and his passion for pizza is reflected in his creations and the quality of the ingredients which are all made in the house. From a variety of pizzas to choose from to home made gelato, this restaurant shows that pizza is not just a delicious piece of Italian cuisine, but an art.

The pizza is consistent with how a traditional “pizza Napoletana” should be; soft, elastic, easy to fold and the crust has the flavor of fresh baked bread that only the best ingredients, methods of preparation and wood fired ovens can achieve. Prova Pizzeria even offers a catering service, bringing you fresh, authentic and delicious traditional Italian pizza to your event and prepared for your guests with their portable wood fired pizza ovens.

Jessica and I stopped by Prova Pizzeria last night for dinner and had a wonderful experience. We had the chance to try Maestro Iacopelli’s classic pizza Margherita, some in the house made Italian gelato which was superb to say the least and one of my favorites; a pizza prosciutto and arugula.


Maestro Pizzaiolo Vito Iacopelli was generous enough to make a video with me last night as well. Definitely give Pizzeria Prova a try. Pizza is an art as well as a food and Pizzeria Prova proves this very well. Make sure to check out the video to see Vito make a beautiful Margherita pizza and the next time you are hungry for some pizza, you will find the info below on how to reach this jewel of a pizzeria in West Hollywood.

Prova Pizzeria
8729 Santa Monica Blvd.
West Hollywood, CA 90069


2 thoughts on “Prova Pizzeria in West Hollywood, CA

  1. Hey, da Pizza post e bello.
    John, you are a natural.
    The video makes me want to plan a trip to West Hollywood.

    • Thanks and definitely stop by for some great pizza if you’re in the area. Too bad for me it’s a 2 hour drive or I would be visiting Vito and his joint a lot. Every time I find myself in LA from now on, I’m always stopping by!

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